Career Opportunities


Every person at Inspire, Inc. plays a critical role in the quality of care and service we provide. Through our Direct Support Professionals we make a positive difference in the community and in each member’s life.

As an employer, our objective for each employee is to gain positive daily interaction with members, families, and community. Working for Inspire provides depth to the human spirit, growth as an individual, and ability to make positive differences and change for others.

Direct Support Professional

If you are interested in employment with Inspire, Inc. you may apply in person or online. 

  • To apply online: please use application link
  • To apply in person: please call your local office for more information
    • Phoenix Office (602) 258-0900 
    • Flagstaff Office (928) 226-6900
  • To apply by Email: please send resume/application/inquires to

Direct Care Provider

Direct care providers are individuals who care for of all ages who have impairments or a chronic sickness and need their assistance. Direct-care workers provide an estimated 70 to 80 percent of the paid hands-on care and personal assistance received in the United States. These workers help their clients bathe, dress, and negotiate a host of other daily tasks. They are a lifeline for those they serve, the families and friends struggling to provide quality care.