Anyone who comes to Inspire for services and support is a Member of Inspire, Inc.


Members have the option to be involved in the following: 

  • Have a voice on issues that shape services, policy, and leadership
  • Can join or start a special interest committee
  • Can run for a position on the Board of Directors
  • Become a part of a nation-wide peer network
  • Community partnership opportunities
  • Help design services offered and the future of Inspire, Inc
  • Participate in Member Meetings

If interested in becoming an Inspire, Inc. Member please contact us:

Inspire, Inc. Phoenix/District 1 (East, West and Central DDD Districts)

Call: (602) 258-0900 or Email:

Inspire, Inc. Flagstaff/District 3 (North DDD District)

Call: (928) 226-6900 or Email:


Your voice, your choice. The future is you. You have a real say in the services and supports you need. As a member, you own Inspire. Inspire is 100% member owned and directed. You have the choice to decide what is important about the services you receive.

Inspire, Inc. Board of Directors are all individuals who are living with a developmental disability, have a family member with a disability, or other business professionals sharing the same mission and vision for our members. Creating a unique provider agency with a Board of Directors who understand, advocate, and relate directly to Inspire’s members.