“Inspire is a great company. I have been very fortunate to work with staff who really care about their members and their employees. They are always there for me, my family, and the members I work for work for.” 

Angela G

“Inspire has wonderful providers that have been caring for our young special needs child for 3 years.  Inspire provides professional service and the providers that have cared for our child are amazing!”

Lisa Y

“Inspire has been very supportive of our family.  They are flexible and innovative and collaborate well with the individual being served, families, DDD and the providers.”

Jocelyn J

“In my time with Inspire I have seen our members accomplish incredible things with the help of an amazing team that I have had the privilege to be a part of.  Inspire strives to personalize care through the member’s needs, compatible personalities, and fit for the family environment. Inspire is your agency of choice and designed for you.”

Rebekkah H

“We have been part of the INSPIRE “family" since 2005, and have watched it grow and develop into the awesome service delivery system it is today. Inspire Program Coordinators recruit and screen potential staff, making every effort to meet our family’s needs, which are considerable. We count Inspire as one of our major life blessings!” 

Mary G

“What makes Inspire unique is the beautiful people I have built life lasting relationships with over the years. I cannot live without Inspire, and the inspirational people who have brought so much joy to my life in this joyous journey.”

Ted G

“My family knows that Inspire always keeps the best interests of our family member in mind. We can count on a quick response to anything we might need.” 

Bren and Kim S

" I have been working for Inspire for almost four years now. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Inspire, the staff and families are wonderful" 

Morgan A

“Inspire has been a wonderful organization to work with. I have felt supported at every turn and have felt like a valuable member of a team that’s doing great work in the Flagstaff community. The administrative team has found the perfect balance of providing thoughtful guidance and and also providing opportunities for independent learning for their members and employees. I have grown so much through my time spent with members and my work with this organization. I feel so fortunate for all the relationships I’ve made”

Laurel B

“I have been with Inspire, Inc. a little over three years, now. Of all the companies I have been employed with, Inspire has been BY FAR the best. From the company values, to the staff, to the members we work directly with. I love working for a company that truly invests and cares about its staff, as well as the members it serves. The personal level of care we get to provide, is only sweetened by the strong relationships we develop and deep appreciation from the members we serve.”

Shannon F

“I am a mother of a 32-year-old daughter with multiple challenges. I have been with Inspire since their inception. Inspire has been really awesome to work with because they truly do support the families with genuine care and love. I have had several providers through them and have always been happy with the people they placed. However, the current care provider we have is just plain awesome. She is very special and really takes initiative to support my daughter and her interests. This comes from the current staff at Inspire who instill in their direct support staff the importance of meeting the individual served needs. Also, they have a talent for hiring people who are suited to this type of employment. Not everyone can do this type of work and in the past with other organizations I have had serious issues. I could not be happier with the services Inspire has provided for my daughter and myself.” 

Donna G

“I have been lucky enough to be with Inspire for over 10 years now.  As a person with a significant disability who gets their in-home services through Inspire I really appreciate how I get to decide who comes into my home to help with my daily activities.  Without the great help from my staff from Inspire I wouldn’t be able to live the life that I desire and teach Disability Studies at Northern Arizona University.  I felt so fortunate to be involved with such a forward thinking agency I joined the Inspire Board and I can honestly say Inspire truly cares about both the people who they employ as well as the people with disabilities who they serve.  Inspire sets an extremely high standard for a provider agency that, in my opinion, is not matched anywhere in Arizona!” 

Matthew W

“I have been a part of Inspire since its beginning because I wanted to have a voice in my adult daughter’s services. I like the family interviews that Inspire does with prospective employees. Inspire sends prospective employees to me to see how they will fit with my daughter’s community inclusive events and willingness to learn her device. This is important to me because a majority of her goals involve her device. The family interview allows us to screen out individuals who may not want to work with my daughter or learn her device. Usually I am happy with the individuals Inspire sends to me to meet with, but I appreciate having a voice in who is working with my daughter. I hope anyone will consider Inspire as their agency of choice."

Eva H

“Since becoming a member of Inspire, I have found a whole lot of caring people. The Inspire support staff are excellent and have such a caring attitude. It seems very apparent that they love what they do and respect their members. Inspire deals with me as if they were a part of my family.”

Michael K

"I have had the privilege of working for Inspire as a Caregiver and as a Coordinator. This has allowed me to see what sets Inspire apart from other agencies. The fact that Inspire actually hears the voice's of their members and encourages their member's to communicate how their services are going and their needs. The open communication that Inspire creates not only allows members to feel supported, but the staff as well."

Madison C

"Our son has benefited from habilitation from Inspire. They started off with teaching him smaller steps of a goal. Then working on more steps as he understands and retains the information. He gets to learn and understand at his own pace. I feel this is very beneficial because it's less stress on our son and, in return, less stress on our family."

Carrie E

“To me, Inspire means the staff inspiring me to do better and be the best I can be as a person. Then, in turn, I can Inspire others to be more independent. I have gained so much support and self-confidence because of the staff that support me. The caregivers have also become like family. I can’t imagine a single day without this agency in my life.” 

Katie G

“Having worked with Inspire for years, I can say with confidence this is a great company to work with. Having two children with special needs has often left me challenged to find care for my children. Inspire has been a blessing supporting the needs for our family and the social and emotional needs of our children. The providers Inspire has used have allowed me to get the assistance I need as a parent, while allowing my children to have someone with them that truly understand their individual needs. They customize books and goals and are thorough in their background checks. This is a highly dependable company that I would recommend to other families in need. Thank you Inspire for all that you provide for our family. Our providers have become like family and have formed a special bond with each of our children” 

Tiffany S

“Inspire is a great company to work for and I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two years I’ve worked here. I have developed positive working relationships with every member I’ve worked with and I truly have a passion for this profession. I love supporting each member in reaching and succeeding with their goal. From the wonderful families to the staff in the office, I have always felt supported and like a valuable member of this team.” 

Nicolette N

“Inspire is a great company to work for and I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two years I’ve worked here. I have developed positive working relationships with every member I’ve worked with and I truly have a passion for this profession. I love supporting each member in reaching and succeeding with their goal. From the wonderful families to the staff in the office, I have always felt supported and like a valuable member of this team.” 

Nicolette N

“Inspire is defined as, "fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative." Working with the clients at Inspire has allowed me to be the best, most creative version of myself. I couldn't think of a more fulfilling and Inspiring profession” 

Allison R

“Inspire has been a great fit for our family. Their ability to match providers with our son has been remarkable. We have always had friendly and compassionate customer service. We have found all Inspire staff to be supportive and knowledgeable in helping our family. We highly recommend Inspire” 

Rex & Tracie G

“Working with Inspire allows me to meet and build relationships with so many amazing people and their families. Inspire is more than a job, it's a family. I love having the opportunities to see members' faces light up with joy and excitement when we go out in the community for new experiences or when they succeed at something new.” 

Kaylee S

“Working with Inspire Inc. has been a great experience! Through this job I have met some of the most amazing and unique individuals, who I hope to maintain my friendship with!” 

Michaela Y

“Working for inspire has given me the opportunity to be a part of an amazing community where both employees and members are supported and loved.” 

Maddie D

“Working with Inspire has been nothing short of a positive experience. Not only have I received endless guidance and support, but I have also been given the opportunity to do something that I am passionate about while making a difference in the lives of those with various abilities by being an advocate for independence and integration. Inspire is not just an agency that I work for, but a family. Each member I have worked with has left a mark on my life and has taught me an important life lesson.” 

Des B

“The past three years working with Inspire has been filled with memories that can never be replaced. To be part of the process for helping our members reach their goals and achieve new heights is an honor. I learn just as much from our member as I teach them” 

Nicole B